Rita’s Opening

Rita’s Opening

2011 – 01’25” – HD

video: Rita Lino
music: “Michael’s Opening” – Diego Luna / J. Spaceman
Mister Lonely OST – Harmony Korine

Featured in OpenLab mag
“Rita’s Opening” an original piece for Open Lab Magazine.


Open Lab: What was the original inspiration for your latest video?

Rita Lino: My inspiration was all of the work that I’ve started until now. I want to know why, why I need to make these things, shoot myself, see myself all of the time… This inspiration started when I was traveling, listening to music on shuffle. “Michael’s Opening” from the soundtrack of Mister Lonely started, and at that moment I “saw the light,” and said “yes, that’s me!” I needed to make something with those phrases, those words.

OL: How do you feel new media fits in with contemporary art?

RL: I can only say: thank you new media and all blogs, online magazines! Contemporary art is everywhere, and it is amazing! Everyday I see and I know different artists, thanks to the new media.

OL: What kind of new projects do we have to look forward to from you?

RL: “These series are not over. They will accompany me until I can no longer imagine.” My project is my life, so I just only have to live on.

by Katherine Nonemaker